The goal of Timeless Timber® is to provide consumers with an environmentally sound alternative to contemporary wood products. Since Timeless Timber’s recovered and recycled lumber offers unparalleled quality, beauty and a story that is tough to match, there really is no other choice.

Timeless Timber® uses premium wood which is milled from logs that sank during the logging boom of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. These logs were perfectly preserved by the icy temperatures and low oxygen content of the waters of the Great Lakes. This is a unique niche business that has attracted national and international attention. Timeless Timber® products are all environmentally sound, created by recycling a squandered resource lost generations ago. Unlike other mills that cut wood from today’s young forests, Timeless Timber® uses antique quality wood that has not been available in any significant quantities for almost a century.

Timeless Timber® is proud to be an environmentally conscious company. All of the recovered wood we mill is ecologically sound, and carries the environmental Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) seal of approval for 100% recovered underwater salvaged recycled timber. This means that none of our recovered timbers were harvested from current old-growth forests.

We are committed to educating wood product consumers of the importance of using “sustainable wood products” and the benefits of recovered and recycled lumber. Underwater logging reduces the negative impacts of commercial forestry by utilizing existing resources more responsibly. We currently recover and process two million board feet of lumber each year without sawing down one single tree.

By recovering and recovering the vast amount of logs that sunk during the logging boom of yesteryear, we are able to help reduce the need to harvest existing forests to meet the current demand for wood. Timeless Timber® logs are recovered without damage to wildlife habits. Every site is carefully assessed to prevent disturbing existing fish and wildlife habits.

Timeless Timber® gives manufacturers, craftsmen and artisans the ability to utilize this fine, old growth lumber to create the “antiques” of tomorrow. Timeless Timber® has the same fine grain and texture as the antiques of 100 years ago, because it’s from the same forest. The fine designs of today will take on a whole new ‘look’ with the use of this rare, fine quality lumber.

Through extensive research and development, Timeless Timber® has successfully refined its proprietary drying technology to preserve this treasure for generations to come. The mill is unique because all wood is cut to customers’ specifications, such as violin and guitar makers, furniture manufacturers, craftsmen, and artisans. Anyone who appreciates fine quality wood, the feel, the texture, the color, the depth that is present in fine antiques, will appreciate this treasure.

If you have a special project in mind, contact us to help you find the right timber for the job.